Preferences menu
With the Preferences menu can be specified how the program behaves at certain points. Brings up factor dialog Saves only screen contents Shows a grid on screen Brings up grid settings dialog Brings up units settings dialog

This menu-item brings up the dialog below, with which the factors for operations can be specified. For an explanation of each factor, click on one of the names below the image.

snapfactor, correctionfactor, selectmarge, roundfactor, correctionaber, roundtype, toarcrmin, toarcrmax, arcaccur, polyaccur, smoothaccur, maxlinemerge, displayaber. structhres. primthres.

Save visible
When this item is checked and the current file is saved, only the layers visible on screen are saved.

When one or more layers are made invisible, these layers are not saved.

NOTE: the file in memory remains the same, even when the file that is saved overwrites the old file!!!


Show grid
Check this menu-item to have a grid drawn with the file in memory. The grid is drawn with the grid settings specified in the grid dialog.

When the grid is 'on', a little cross is drawn on the gridpoint closest to the cursor. Commands like zoom, select, startpoint etc. use the coordinates of this gridpoint.


Grid settings
This menu-item brings up the dialog below, with which the properties of the grid can be altered.

Spacing is the distance between the grid points. It must be specified with a unit. If no unit is specified, the value is interpreted in meters.

The colour of the points can be changed into any colour. You can also choose if you want the grid to be drawn before or after the image.

gridspace, gridcolour, gridplacement , backgroundcolour

Units settings
When the keystring command is used, the program must know the unit of the values specified in the command. It must also know what accuracy it has to work with.

In the Units Settings dialog these values can be specified.

Please note that accuracy can only be altered when there's no file in memory. When there is, the accuracy from this file is used.

defaultunit, defaultaccur

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